Association for Health, Education and Advocacy for the Disadvantaged

The Association for Health, Education and Advocacy for the Disadvantaged (AHEAD) is a not for profit Organization based in Australia. The main aims and objectives of the organisation are to:

  • Empower the poor and marginalised to take more control of their own health by improving awareness and knowledge of diseases including how to prevent the development of these diseases.
  • Design and implement programs to ensure that the poor and the marginalised have access to appropriate health care through partnerships with government and non-government organisations as well as independently.
  • Increase awareness of health, the environment, sanitation and hygiene.
  • Identify the level of health literacy and develop programs and strategies to improve health literacy within the poor communities and identify and implement strategies to increase literacy in the poor and marginalised.
  • Train health workers to identify and monitor non-communicable diseases in the marginalised and the poor.
  • Provide scholarships for students to undertake advanced training in public health research in either India or abroad.

 You can help by donating to this good cause. All donations given in Australia are tax deductible.  Please contact us at the link below.